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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuna and T.V.

Well, this is our first entry of our first blog in our first home sitting on our first couch while starting the first leg to our wonderfully made family.

Stacy and I are finally settling into our first home together as a we begin this journey many call marriage. We are setting the foundation of this marriage directly on God's promises to always guide us through thick and thin and bring us prosperity through our faithfulness.

This post is entitled Tuna and T.V. because well that is what the first month of our marriage has been based around. It is quite humorous actually, Stacy has developed 101 ways to make tuna into a highly nutritious and alway interesting meal; whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner she will find a way to fit tuna onto the menu. Tuna fish sandwiches, Tuna Melt, Tuna and Noodles. It never fails, but truth be told we are thankful for every meal we receive; for those of you who are reading this blog and are married you know exactly what I am talking about right now. I believe all married couples in their first few month have been through this very same situation in which I am address right this moment. We keep reminding ourselves that these are the moments in our marriage that are referred to as the Character Building Stage, and boy are we building character! HA! But really we have been truly blessed! After returning home from our honeymoon we entered Stacy's house to find her dinning room packed with presents everything from a coffee/espresso machine to fine crystal and our full dish set and SO MUCH more!!! once we finally got through all the gifts and took a breath from all the excitement Mrs. Purdum walked over and handed us a stack of cards and said, "Well, you're not finished yet." After going through all the cards we realized truly how blessed we were!
With the money and giftcards we receive we were able to get a new couch, entertainment center and a new T.V.

So Stacy and I, with this wonderful set up, come home from work make some tuna and watch some T.V. Funny thing is we do not have cable, but rather bunny ears on the top of our T.V. which gives us a grand total of two channels. But man are they the greatest two channels ever! We get ABC 15 KNXV and this other movie channel called "This". On ABC we find ourselves sucked into the pleasures of Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. These two men are Grade A Geniuses! Or perhaps we think that only because we are like the other 3.5 million americans who have no intellectual aspirations to further advance their understanding of the term "Real Life." But regardless, IT SURE IS ENTERTAINING!
The other countless hours are spent playing Wii Tennis and getting my butt kicked by Stacy's killer backhand, which again I guess does not help our understanding of the term "Real Life." and yet again I must reveal that IT SURE IS ENTERTAINING!

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