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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Good Case of the Munchies

After the tour ended Stacy, Kris and I were extremely hungry. So we drove back into Tucson, the city that houses the "Great" college of Jew of A, I mean U of A, we at a little burger joint on 4th Avenue called Lindy's. Literally a whole in the wall! We drove past it twice because we completely missed it the first two times. And once we had located it we were not totally sure we wanted to risk eating there for fear of leaving with a staff infection! The place was surrounded by tattoo & piercing parlors and the people drunk homeless guy selling used t-shirts at the door step wasn't exactly the invitation to our appetite either. But we figured you only live once right? And hoping this wasn't the end of our only lives we stepped inside and order ourselves a burger, You know what, Burger is an understatement, we had ordered an experience! Because those burgers were sure worth the trip! Which is exactly what the person that created that burger restaurant was having, a trip! Stacy and Kris ordered the Mac&Cheese Burger, and I ordered the Potato Salad Burger, sounds like cute names for burgers, but they were not just name for the burgers, they were the burgers! 1/4 Pound beef patties serve with mac&cheese and potato salad between two perfectly toasted buns. THE MAC&CHEESE WAS IN THE BURGER! and there we have it, that kinda Genius is only attainable during the use of particular illicit drug usage!

And You Know What? After eating that burger, their illicit drug use was A OK with me!

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