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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taking a "Prospective Day"

Miles in every direction, nothing but beauty. There were no building, streetlights or even streets for that matter, no cars whizzing by, or sirens crying out in the distance and the only light pollution visible was that of the natural sun. It was just Stacy and I, for miles, just us. After a trek up a shingly section of the Apache Trail we made it to the top of an elevated peak. We stood in silence for a moment listening to the complete calm. The only sound we heard was the holler of a screeching hawk flying over head (not that there was much more air above us for him to fly) and the faint sizzling sound of the sweltering heat beaming over our glistening skin. We then proceeded to holler along with our winged friend, making conversations with the engrossed mountains.
There's something to be said about being all alone with miles separating you and the nearest medical and social assistance. For a brief moment your prospective aligns itself no longer with current events, the latest facebook status, or even a single possession you own, but rather it is focused on survival, adventure, and peace. Survival only because you know that for any given reason at any given moment something might not go as planned and in the event that, that happens you have absolutely nothing to depend on but a set skills that are innate, or perhaps learned from Man vs. Wild. There is something about the thought of being stranded miles deep into a desolate mountain range that sets you nerves onto full throttle excitement mode. You know there's a danger of getting lost that far out, yet there is a small piece of you that wouldn't mind it. To get lost. To depend on Nature and God to guide you out. The freedom of being lost is unimaginable. It's only a misconception to think that we are bound by our sense of direction. Sometimes getting lost is the only true way to be found.
Adventure is easy to find, it comes whenever you simply leave the four walls of your home and meet with the fresh air, dirt and big sky. Adventure is the heart of Stacy and my relationship. She thrives off adventure. The thing I love the most about her is her ability to have an adventure with me on any given whim, and it does not have to be anything to outdoor or elaborate it could be somewhere as commonplace as wal-mart and we will find a way to make it interesting and different. It's not just about getting groceries but more so about escaping to a world where shopping carts are race cars and the aisles are our strip of road stretched out a quarter mile for a race waiting to happen. Imagination is the spirit of our love and God made it extra special for the two of us to enjoy in any and every situation.
Peace comes when you mate survival and adventure together. To survive is to have a desire for adventure, to be lost without any sense of adventure means you will fear the idea of venturing forward until you find what you are looking for and adventure remains only as long as you can survive because if you venture out without the will to live, unfortunately that is always met by a dead end. But if you are able to lose yourself with the desire of adventure and the will to survive, well, that is when you achieve peace and peace is where you are found. When you have peace there is no goal that will be left unmatched and there will be no obstacles in your path that can't be overtaken.
Stacy and I decided to take a prospective day. And the Superstition Mountain Range is where we went to do so.
It was wonderful.
If you can, take a day to get lost, and hopefully you get the same sensation we did from the excursion.
: D
God is Great.

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