Baptizing Together in the Malaysian River

Monday, August 2, 2010

"God Help us all"

Every once in a while every body in this world has a moment of, "God Help Us All!" But if you have ever worked in the food service industry (or coffee service industry for that matter) you have experienced this moment more often than not. A moment where you look at someone and listen to their demands and all you are thinking in your head is "really?"..."REALLY?" The fact that you thought, No one could possible get more selfish than the last person I helped. And then you realize you were wrong, dead wrong. Point in case, Stacy had a "God help us all" moment today when a customer complained to the manager about having to wait for a table for four minutes...yes FOUR WHOLE MINUTES! OOOOH THE ATROCITY!! Stacy (and this is extremely humorous if you know my Stacy) in her anger and desire to blow up took her rage to a piece paper rather than blowing up at the customer and really putting them into their place (where i think they belong anyways, In Their Place.) And so the picture attached to this blog is evidence of Stacy's thoughts on how sad this country has gotten. Something as simple enough as food and people can't help but whine about having to wait a few measly minutes to receive their opportunity to eat! And as she states in her letter to God, there are people in the majority this world who wont even get the opportunity to eat today and in most cases this whole week! How sick are we? If you make a Latte with 2% rather than Non-Fat milk, the person will ask you to pour out their drink and make another one, and they expect you to give them a free coffee for their trouble! Who are these people!? Are They Serious?? When did we get SO inconsiderate?? One last instance, as if we need it, At Starbucks we have a Collection Box for non-perishable food to help support the Phoenix Rescue Mission, we've been collecting for 3 weeks and we only have 2 weeks left to collect food and do you know what all we have sitting inside the box? Wadded up receipt paper and several straw wrappers!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?!?! Come On People, REALLY??

"God Help Us ALL!!"

So if you are reading this blog, Stacy and I challenge You, Show someone, today, some compassion. Whether it's at a T.G.I.Fridays, Starbucks or even at a local grocery know what, maybe, just on a sidewalk somewhere when you see someone drop some change, take every moment you have to brighten up someone's day. Really it's as simple as eye contact, a smile, and gentle words in response. I promise that's all it takes and it makes the WORLD a difference to us "minimum wage" folks. And if you see someone in need don't hesitate to jump in and touch a life. Pay-It-Forward it such a wonderful model on how to make a difference. Someone is just short in their wallet to pay for their groceries, step up and act, help them out. If every one practiced that way of life one day it will come back to you, but don't do it for that reason.

Not to pat ourselves on the back, but more so as an example of how awesome this girl was and how people respond to a good and genuine attitude: Stacy and I drove up to a Taco Bell (our first treat to ourselves in the month and a half of our marriage lol) at midnight to find a drive-thru line wrapping around the building. Knowing that this particular Taco Bell closes at 1:00 am we pulled up to the talk box expecting to hear a dry, unpleased voice on the other side more eager to leave than to take our order, but it was quite on the contrary. This bubbly and excited voice came from the other side with no purpose at that time other than to serve us a delicious and over priced Quesadilla. We pulled up to the window to find this girl rocking out to Lady GaGa and enjoying her job regardless of the fact that she was closing in 45 minutes and had a line around the building (and I didn't ignore the math, I know 12-1 isn't 45 minutes but by the time we got to the window she only had 45 minutes left on her shift.) Because she was as happy as millionaire but only making minimum wage Stacy and I decided we ought to make her night by tipping her. You tip at Starbucks for someone to push a button to get a single espresso so why not tip someone when they actually deserve it and are expressing a Genuinely Kind and Loving Attitude? Because that girl didn't get frustrated or treat her customers like robots rather than fellow human beings she left with a few more dollars in her pocket that hour.

So why can't we take "God Help Us All" to "Thank You Lord, For All Our Blessings!"?

We CAN! But it starts with YOU! I think Stacy and I have 6 people following this blog total, but you know what, that's plenty! If the six reading this blog right now pass on Love to six who in turn pass on Love to six, can you imagine the power that concept TRUELY has!?!? It's Unbelievable! So please, Stacy and I make you This Promise, We will take every opportunity we receive to show Love to the People we usually overlook, But we want you to make that same Promise. Love the Un-Lovable. Touch a Life. Live with Purpose. Make a Difference. And if you see a box asking for non-perishables, go one step further, take the initiative and go cook a meal for those in need.
We Love You All.
Remember, God Is Love.